Benefits of Hiring a Concierge Care Manager

Who is a Concierge Care Manager?


Concierge Care Managers represent the standard of excellence in the profession through attaining:

• Formal higher education

• Established and supervised work experience

• Professional certification


Like other professions in which people have to meet minimum requirements or maintain certain certifications, ALCA (Aging Life Care Association) promotes and reinforces the professional standards established by the profession that seeks to improve the quality of life for the elderly and their families through experience and qualified geriatric care management services.


If you are paying for the services of a Concierge Care Manager you don’t have to worry that they are making a recommendation to generate fees.


If you are concerned about how much you are going to be billed ask for an estimate of the total hours before you hire a geriatric care manager.


Expect to pay a higher hourly rate for experienced geriatric care managers, or managers who have an area of specialty.


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